Mayoral Appointee 6 Commissioner Profile


image of Amara Santos, District 11 youth commissioner smiling at camera

Amara Santos

Representing Youth City Wide

Appointed by Mayor London Breed

Executive Committee: Vice Chair

Transformative Justice Committee

Amara Santos was born and raised in San Francisco, specifically the Excelsior district (a fact she takes great pride in). Although she has had a lot of personal experiences with creating justice-oriented spaces in her public schools and communities, one of the most valuable experiences she had was being an intern at LYRIC, a nonprofit organization to help LGBTQIA+ youth, and being a part of the UCSF's Youth Steering Committee. Amara is extremely passionate about issues that impact LGBTQIA+ youth of color, BIPOC communities, and any work towards creating an equitable and liberated future for all. In her free time, she loves to read, talk about astrology, and cook!

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